Two different planning looks

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This month I am trying out some new decorating techniques into my planner.

As a base I am using my sweet stamp shop stamps, Mambi stickers and stickers from my the monthly Planner pandemonium sticker kit. 

In the week from 7 – 13 September I also used a simple stories sticker sheet, glitter weekend sticker and some thin washi and I did all my writing in color-coding colors. (so pink is my daughter, purple is me and so on).

I tried to color match the weekly pad plan to the one in my HP planner.

IMG_0632  IMG_0633

IMG_0634  IMG_0635

For the week from 14-20 September I  went for a two color scheme. Green and orange. I did all the writing in black. I must say I like this look a bit more.

I did not make a weekly pad plan this week as I went to a craft even this weekend so did the planning a bit later this week so no point in making that one. I will make it for upcoming week.

IMG_0701  IMG_0704

Which look do you like more?

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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