How I setup my Happy Planner

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Summer vacation is over and it is back to normal life. So it is planning time again.
For me I always start with setting up my monthly view. I love to use stamps and removable stickers so if anything big changes during the month I can easily change it. I also wrote down the most important to do’s for the month.


Once I have my monthly view done I setup my weekly plans every Sunday before a week starts.
I start with taking my weekly pad and having the monthly view open before me I start to plan that week into hours. I also then setup the meal plan for that week and add it to the weekly calendar.


Once that is done I take out the weekly page from the planner and start by adding the stickers where I need and want them.


Then I take out the stamps and colored inkpad and pens and fill in all the appointments.


And then it is done.
Here is the end result for this week:

IMG_0586  IMG_0584


Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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