Today I want to share with you a special project I am starting in 2017. It is called

Project Use Your (S)crap!

It is a project that will focus on using all those craft supplies we already have in our stash.

Little story about why I am starting this project:

I have been creative for as long as I can remember. As a little child I always loved coloring and crafting together with my mom. And as I grew older I had a lot of creative hobbies. And of course, for each and every one of those hobbies, I wanted to have all kinds of supplies. So I got myself a nice collection of craft supplies. To be honest I have a whole room in the house dedicated just to my craft stuff. I am lucky that way.

But as I was putting away all kinds of new craft supplies I bought at a local craft show, I realized I have so much stuff already. I should really be more aware of what I have and focus on using all that stuff. I have lost sight of how cool some of the stuff is, and it is no good if I am not using it.

I know there are many more crafters out there that are like this. So I decided that it is time to start using all those craft supplies. Or, as my husband said, it is time you start using all that crap ☺. Do not get me wrong, he has never complained about me buying stuff, but he has commented that I should use the stuff I have and not just let it look pretty on a shelf. He is so right!

So that is the story behind this project. The project will start January 2017. I would love for you to join in and commit to this project as well.

We have a special FB group for this project where we can share, inspire and support each other.

You can also share by using #useyourscrap2017 on Instagram.

So join in and lets Use Your (S)crap!

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