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The Craftorij Summer Challenge 2 is here! As I am the host this week I got the time to make the challenge before hand and off course Lizzy also wanted to make a cards as well. So it was another fun and crafty afternoon.

Pre-challnge two: Make a card using wrapping or packaging paper.

Step 1. Choose your paper and glue it down onto the card. We used studio matte medium gel.
IMG_3216  IMG_3218

Step 2: Trim the paper to fit the card
IMG_3219  IMG_3222

Step 3: Cut out some other elements from more wrapping pape
IMG_3230  IMG_3231

Step 4: glue those elements down (or in my case I drew a tree where I want the owls to sit on)
IMG_3234  IMG_3233

Step 5: start painting the elements
IMG_3239 IMG_3240


Step 6: add some shadowing and outlines.
IMG_3242 IMG_3245

Step 7: ink the card edges

And done:
IMG_3248  IMG_3254

Happy crafting!

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Linda Derlagen

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