Pocket “Birthday Love” letter (with process video)

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A few weeks ago I came across this new concept: Pocket Letters.

This is a new way of sending a letter to someone with some fun goodies in it. The base is a 9 pockets baseball page protector, which you will decorate with paper and then fill with goodies like tea, a letter, some stickers or other fun stuff. There is a website about it where you can read more about this concept here.

As my husband’s birthday was coming up soon and he would not be at home on that day but away for work, I decided to make him a pocket letter in the birthday theme and hide it in his workbag so he would find it on the job.

I wanted it to be a very personal pocket letter, so I decided to use some simple stories @.snap project life cards as a base and then added some pictures of our family. Then I just did some doodling and added some personal text.

IMG_6539 IMG_6595

Then it was time to fill the pockets. I found these cute little coupons here. I printed them out and added them to some of the pockets.

I wrote my husband a little personal “love” note and added that as well.
I also made a simple birthday card and then I set the kids to work. Well, to be honest, I did not need to set them to work.   They gladly went to work as they love making stuff for us.


I helped my daughter with making a little finger art. She loved dipping her finger on the inkpad and then onto the paper. I just let her do her thing and then created the little doodling animals later.

IMG_6607 IMG_6610

My son just asked for some sheets of paper and wanted to know the size of the pocket that it had to fit into. Then he went to create for 2 hours! I have to tell you…when I saw what he had made, it made me cry. He is such a sweetheart and he wrote so much amazing and touching stuff. It really melted my heart and I know his dad will be touched as well.

IMG_6557 IMG_6616 IMG_6626

After all was done, we added it into the pockets and then I wrapped it as a gift with some ribbon. I added some sequins into the wrapping for a festive effect.
IMG_6638 IMG_6643

I loved making this pocket letter. I have a short process video about this pocket letter here.
I hope you guys are also going to make one and surprise a friend or loved one. It is a lot of fun!

Happy crafting!


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