Today I wanted to share with you how I use my planner in a functional way. For me personally planners are still the best used in this way. To help me stay on track with my appointments and family tasks. I love seeing all the decorated planner pages, but it is just not for me. Sure, I do add some little decoration by using washi tape and some basic stamps and stickers, but that is it. I need to have a clear view of all the important tasks on hand.

This year I do my functional planning in my Happy Planner with snap on cover:

It already has some cute dividing tabs and small decoration printed on each page so that makes it look nice quickly.

Once a Month I prepare the month ahead. Usually I do this in the last week before the new month begins. While I am planning one, or both of my Ragdolls cats join me.

I start my monthly planning by writing down all the important information on my monthly calendar view. I make a master to do list for the month. Things I want to get done during that month. And I write down the baked goodies we are planning to make on baking day.

Then I move on to my weekly view pages and I start by sticking down my header stickers I made myself with silhouette design studio. This makes it easy for me to have my own divided sections on each day. And then, to keep thru to the Use Your (S)Crap! project, I only use stickers I have in my stash to fill in all the appointments, check boxes and such.

By then the cats notice it will be a while so they make it comfortable 😉


Once all is done all that is left is the monthly goals & important dates page. This is a page I used to struggle with a lot but since this year I find it very helpful and motivated. It lets me thing about important stuff I want to set as my goals and it gives me time to doodle and have some fun during this planning session.


And then the session is done. it is ready to be used for a new month. Each day I will check my weekly calendar, write stuff down in the different sections and check things off. It really helps me to stay on track. I hope this little peek into my planning ways has helped or inspire you.

For the Dutch planner girls I also made a video about it where I talk you thru my process. You can  find the video here:

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