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I remember when I was little I made all kind of stuff with just some empty cardboard boxes , paper and glue. So when I found this craft book at the thrift store with little paper boxes animals on the front it brought me right back to that. So I decided to get back to the future and have some old fashion style craft time with my daughter.


Materials needed:

Empty cardboard boxes
Glue (I ended up using the zig 2way glue stick as this was so easy to handle by Lizzy)
Colored paper
Some imagination (for the first one we had the book at hand but for the second animal we just did some free styling :))
Pencil or pen to draw the mouth and such

IMG_0391  IMG_0390

How you go about this all depends on the age of your child and his/her development level. What we did was, I cut out the papers and she did all the glue and drawing.

IMG_0393  IMG_0396  IMG_0398

IMG_0400  IMG_0402

IMG_0978 IMG_0984  IMG_0989

Happy crafting!

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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