Nowhere near planner perfect..but it still worked

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“i know it’s not perfect but it’s life. life is messy sometimes” – Quote from one of my favorite tv shows Grey’s Anatomy

And oh boy messy it has been last month. But we survived. We had really good and fun times and also some really bad times. Luckily we ended with a very good time (Our little girl her birthday) and we are starting fresh at a new month.

I often see people really getting upset if their planner is not perfectly decorated. And Yes I myself also like my planner to be pretty as it is just nicer to look at. But at times like these I just do not always get around to it and it does not bother me.

At the end of September I started to pre-decorate for October. Times where not that hectic and I had time to plan the monthly spread and pre-decorate the weeks. This is the way I always do it. Then I have all the important stuff already planned out in the monthly spread and I can go and fill in and decorate some more to the weeks as I have time.

For this month I used some doodlebug fall theme stickers and washi.

IMG_0818 IMG_1359

So this is how a pre decorating weekly spread looks like. I pick some colors (usually two sometimes three but no more) and add the washi. I pick out a quote or saying from the mambi sticker pad, add the weekend “banner” and I add some basic decoration to start with.

IMG_1361 IMG_0838

IMG_0837 IMG_0839


And here are some weekly pages already in use for this month.

IMG_1362   IMG_1366

The weeks sometimes have a special event that I use as a theme for the decoration that week. As this month it was my first time our little girl went to school so I used a school theme for that week. And the last week was the week of her birthday so I made it a birthday theme.

IMG_1364  IMG_1367

As you can see not all months have been completely filled. Some have not been used at all after the pre decorating, some have been used half with jotting down some notes with pencils and just two weeks were completely in use. Those were the two weeks I had some time. All the other weeks were just to busy.

But it did not matter. As the planner still worked as I had all the important stuff written down on the monthly spread and I just referred to that instead of my week. I am fine with that and I am not going back now to fill in the blanks. I think it reflects my life just as it is so when later I go look back at it I see those blank pages and I know that was a very busy time.

Now I am just relaxing and will start to pre-decorate the new month. See how far we will come with that one 🙂

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