New years resolutions? No! Life resolutions? Yes!

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It is that time of year that a lot of people are making new years resolutions. But the thing with new years resolutions is that often when a resolution fails somewhere in the year we find ourselves saying “well better luck next year”. But this way we waist a lot of time and most importantly we loose focus on what is important to us.

So why restrict it to a year? Why not just make life resolutions and work on and keep working on those even when at some point a fail happens. That is just life. Just accept it and try again the next day.

So here are some of my Life resolutions:

  • Family first
  • Live healthy & creatively
  • Destash and build a home
  • Explore the world

Oh and for the people wondering if I will finish my Christmas blanket…Yes I will.

Just not this year. I am still designing blocks for it and figuring out how I want the border to be. So I will keep working on this blanket even after this year Christmas days. And off course I will keep sharing my progress and free patterns on the blog.

Also I will keep sharing my planners and art stuff. Nothing on a regular base yet but be sure I will keep Miss Lizzy Blog active to give a peek into our creative crazy life.

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

Welcome to our weblog.
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Miss Lizzy is named after my daughter. My name is Linda and I love to craft together with my daughter. Let us give you a peek into our crafty adventures.

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