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As a real planner girl I have my own favorite Planner Products I really like to use in my planners. And I am so lucky to have found a shop that carries all these products.



It has become my favorite (online) planner shop. And the best part for you all is that they ship international as well. (and if you order a certain amount they even ship it for free. You can find al the shipping information here ).

Their customer service is amazing. And they always try to stay on top of the new releases and are one of the first to have them in their shop at really good prices. So I am very happy with that and can really recommend this shop.
Now for some of my favorite planner products


Planner stamps:
Sweet stamp shop and Studiol2e are my two favorite planner stamp brands. They have a lot of great stamps. The size is just right. I really like the icons and letter ones. I use them all the time.

my_sweet_stamp_shop_plan_to_clean_1 StudioL2E_Clear_Stamp_Wuwu_Alphabet_Set_4x6

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color brush set:
This is my newest found and I just love them! They have a real nice brush and the colors are so vibrant. And the best thing is they do not bleed thru my planner pages. You can color in stamps or even just write with them.

brush markers

Doodlebug washi tape sets:
I just love the doodlebug washi tape sets. They are a nice thin size to use at the top of all my planner boxes. And there are nice colors in the sets. Also there is a lot of tape on a roll so it last me a long while.


Planner stickers:
I love to use stickers in my planner. Mambi has a few great sticker pads in their collection, which hold a lot of stickers so it last a while.


Post it notes:
I love to use post it notes to jot down some important do not forget stuff. The best thing is that you can replace them when needed. This really is a must have in my collection. My experience s that not all brands have the same good stickiness that is needed. So My go to brands are the Mambi planner posts and the regular yellow post-its

My & My Big Ideas Create 365 Post Stickers ImportantPOSTIT

I use all these products daily in my Create 365 Happy Planner from Mambi.  What are your favortie planner products?

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