A new year has started and so it was time for a new planner. Last year I started to use the regular size Mambi Happy Planner and this was a perfect fit that I have chosen to use a regular size Happy Planner again for this year.

I wanted a 12-month one and they had come out with this cute 12-month year box planner kit and I just had to have it. So I ask my best friend in the USA to get it for me, as it was not available here in the Netherlands. And she was so sweet enough to look for it and found me a set!

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I have an unboxing video here

It is a planner with already some cute decorations printed in it. Which I love as I really like all the pretty decorated planner pages but I just do not have the time to make them pretty myself. And also I am a functional planner girl. My planners have to be functional first and pretty second. That is just how I am.

My daily planner is for my daily (family) plans and it keeps me on track. Last year I had some times I did not use my planner on a daily base and I have never been that unorganized in my life. I forgot important appointments and such so that is not something I want to do again.

Did I tell you how much I love using a new planner? All the empty pages, new plans and goals to fill in. It makes my heart flutter!

My setup is really simple and functional. I made my own header stickers and to keep with my Use Your (S)crap 2017 project I am also using all the planner stickers I have left over from last year and using more of the planning stamp sets I have bought last year but hardly ever used.


This is the first week layout in my new planner. As you can see I only used some washi strips and planner stickers (all out of my stash) and a black pen (I use the unipin 0,3). It is simple, quick and functional but still looks pretty. I can see at one glance what needs to be done in a day and that is what I need to keep me on track. As this is a vacation week their is less on it then on a normal week.

I see a lot of people stressing out about the decorating part of the planner and then after a while tossing the planner to the side as they just cannot keep up or get good use out of it. And I personally think that is a shame. Sure you can have a planner to be creative in and decorate your heart out. But a planner for me is really THE BEST life tool you can own. If used correctly it can help you stay on track and bring less stress in your life.

I use the Monthly page in the planner to keep track of my goals and other important monthly dates and some fun facts. Just using my black pen and nothing else.


Just keep it simple and functional. Off course you can also use a digital planner on your phone or something like that to keep track on all the appointments and to do list but I myself am a papergirl at heart and need a daily paper planner.

So remember: Keep it Simple and Functional!

Happy planning!

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