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Today I wanted to show you how I have organized my large collection of stickers by using sticker books I made myself using Discs, a discs punch, white 120grams paper, a sheet of pattern paper, repositionable glue dots and a paper trimmer. Oh and not to forget a lot of stickers 😉

In this video* I will show you how to make these useful sticker book.

*Be aware all of my videos are in Dutch.

For english step by step instructions:

Supplies needed:
Discs (size depends on how many stickers sheets you want it to hold)
120 grams paper (I used regular white printing paper. Amount of sheets depand on how many stickers sheets you want it to hold)
1 sheet pattern cardstock paper (this will be your front and back cover)
Paper trimmer
Repositionable glue dots


Step 1: cut white paper to size you want the sticker book to be to fit the sticker sheets in it, as well as cutting a front and back out of the pattern paper

Step 2: punch the holes in them

Step 3: assemble the discs to the paper

Step 4: attach the stickers onto the white paper using repositionable glue dots (so you can take it out and replace with another sticker sheets when the older sheet is used up)




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Linda Derlagen

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