Made my own Planner Bag

Nov 19, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I am so freaking proud of myself. I made my own planner bag! Sorry for being so enthusiastic but for me that is a really big thing. I have been getting sewing lessons for just a year now, so being able to make something like this myself is just making me so happy.

I had been looking for a bag for a while (before mambi launched their own planner bag) and could not find something that would fit my needs and wishes. I wanted it to carry my mambi happy planner and all the supplies I use daily with it. I also would like to have it hold my travelers notebook.
IMG_1414 IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1204
So I decided to make my own. I had this owl fabric lying in my stash for a while. I bought it just because I just loved the owls so much but did not had a specific use for it yet. And now I did.

IMG_1205 IMG_1206

I made sure all the measurements were to my wishes and I am so Happy with the end results. I am now thinking of also making one for my crochet projects and needles on the go.

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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