Wow I have been blown away with the amount of crafty people wanting to join this fun yearlong project. Thanks for that! (and thank god I am not the only crafty hoarder out there ;))

We officially start on January 1st. But before we can start using our (S)Crap supplies there is some preparation we can do to help you get a better start into this project. (But no worries, if you do not have the time in this busy month or are joining this project later in the year…it is all good. You can jump in whenever you want).

So it is time for taking the first step: Get organized!

Taking the first step in this project for me is all about getting organized. When stuff is organized, you have better insight into what you have and you can easily grab things when needed.

In the next couple of days I will share with you my craft supplies organization and my thoughts behind it. Be aware, what works for me might not work for you. Just find an organization that will work for you and start organizing your stuff.

For me the biggest help was this awesome book I got as a gift from a very good friend.

The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker – Creating Keepsakes


This book is still available.

For the Dutchies:
For all others:
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This book takes you thru different steps and it even has a small workbook in it with great questions to really get you thinking about what kind of crafter you are and what kind of organization method will work for you.

To go thru this organizing process with great success it is important to really go thru all of your stuff.

Make sure when you go thru this first step by sorting out and organizing your craft supplies you also use a bin where you put in items to donate. There is always a local school, nursing home or other organization that will be very happy with the supplies you donate.

So lets get started and start organizing all your crafty (S)crap stuff.

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