Happy New Year!

I wish you al the best for 2017 and let us all together make it a great and creative year.

The beginning of the year is always a good time to evaluate the past year and set some new resolutions. I am still a fan of not setting resolutions just for a year but more general resolutions for your life. So when you have a fall back you will not wait for a new year to pick it up again but do it right away.

My Life resolutions have been and still are:

  • Family First
  • Live healthy & creatively
  • Destash and build a home
  • Explore the world

I have to say, once evaluated; I have done ok on these resolutions the past year. My husband got a new job after the summer, which enabled him to be more at home and therefore we had more Family time moments, which was very nice. So I am looking forward to keep that going.

I also made a financial plan which will help us to get to our family life goal and that is to buy a house somewhere in the upcoming years.

As for the healthy part I have lost some weight and have been enjoying making green smoothies. And I stopped drinking coffee with caffeine. I am also walking more and trying to get a decent amount of sleep hours. I really like my Fitbit to keep track of it all.

My wish is to loose some more weight and making more healthy meals so I will be on a hunt for easy, family friendly, healthy recipes.

Creatively I have done not as much as I wished but it was a nice year. I have blogged some more and I was part of a Design Team at a local scrapbook store, which was very nice to do. I have taught some great classes and really enjoyed the interaction with the students. Unfortunately the shop has closed this year.

I have set up a creative project for this year: Project Use Your (S)Crap! 2017
This will help me to work on my creative and family life goals. I love to see how many more people are so excited about this project and joining in. We will have so much fun!

On the destashing part I did amazing. I have managed to destash all the rooms in the house and thrown away a lot of stuff. We still have our garage filled with stuff we need to sort out and destash but I am so happy I have come this far. This year I will keep it up and we will tackle the garage.

Exploring the world has been little. But that is ok. We bought a nice caravan at a nice campsite where we have spent all our summer vacation days and free weekends. We have been geocaching and just exploring the surroundings.

I really look forward to this year and working on my life resolutions.

Wish you all the best for this year.

xx Linda

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