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At the beginning of the year I told you all that I decided to make my PL 2015 year album in the 6x8 size as this was a nice small size easy to handle by my little girl. Well I did try this size but I just had to many pictures to make it work for me. So I had to rethink my choice. I did not want 12x12 as that is really to big to handle for my daughter (now age 3).

Then a friend of mine from the USA told me about the 8,5 x 11 size. I had never thought about that size as is is not a much used size here in the Netherlands. So I looked around and found a local store that did had some albums that size. I fell in love with this teal gold polkadot one so ordered it. I have to say this size is perfect. It fits is just enough pictures and my daughter is able to handle this size. So that is great.

I do plan on using the 6x8 albums for my little theme special event albums. But more on that later in another post.

Since I switched to the 8,5x11 size I have been working on the album, title page and started the January month.

The album:

IMG_0283   P1010400

Title page: I decided to keep it in the same colorscheme as the album.


Working on some pages. I like to surround myself with all the materials I want to use.P1000558 

IMG_8015  IMG_8031

IMG_7933  IMG_8039


It is so fun making embelishments. I used a sakura pen to add the fine glitter onto this wooden heart.

IMG_8038    IMG_8035

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