DIY card holder for PL albums

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Today I want to take you thru a simple DIY project which will allow you to add postcards to your Project Life albums so you can easily open the card and read the inside.

I came across this product in a Dutch shop (Hema). It is a set which holds 6 envelops (which are also nice to add to your albums if you want to save stuff which you do not need easy access to) and it also hold 10 card strips. It was mend to be used in 6 rings planners like Filofax and such but you can easily use them in other binders like Project life albums as well.


If you live in the Netherlands you can find them in the Hema stores between the school products.

But for the people who do not live here or for those who like to make things themself I will show you how easy it is to make these strips yourself.


All the supplies you need is:

  • paper trimmer (or even a scissor will work, Just something to cut the strips with)
  • scissor (to trim)
  • punch (i used a six hole punch but you can also use a crop-a-dile or something similar)
  • adhesive (i used removable dots in the video but I would recommend to use the permanent dots as that will hold better… I just ran out of those)
  • thick sheet of acetate (or even this packaging plastic from toys or something will work)

Step 1
You begin by punching the holes. If you are using a one hole punch just measure the rings in your album to get the right measurement.

Step 2
When the holes are in you cut of a strip with enough room besides it for the adhesive, So lets say a 1,5 inch to 2 inch strip.

Step 3
Add the adhesive to the strip

Step 4
Add the card on the adhesive. Making sure the holes allign with the binder rings.

Step 5
Trim the strip with your scissor

Done. That it is. It is that simple.


I hope you liked this little tutorial and you get good use of it. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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