Birthday Countdown Calendar

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Lizzy was asking how many nights of sleep it was until her birthday. So I decided to make her a countdown calendar. I used the Happy Planner create 365 Weekly planner pad.

I just used some washi, stickers and stamps.


I used the washi to make clear day dividers and used stamps for the dates itself. Then I used some themed stickers to point out big things happening that day. Like she has some try out days at school, a visit to the zoo and such.

In the morning she then can choose a heart sticker to put on the date for that day. This way she can see if something special is going on that day and how long it is until her birthday. This really helps her and she is not asking all the time how long it is until her birthday. She is however making sure I know what she wants for her birthday (big paw patrol fan :))

IMG_0998 IMG_1006

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Linda Derlagen

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