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This little corner holds all of my English blog post. I mostly blog in Dutch but I will however add some English blog posts here from time to time when I have a tutorial or freebie that I know you all will like (such as my Fitbit Planner Sticker freebie and Christmas Crochet Patterns).

Thanks for visiting this blog and take your time to look around.

Introduction & preparation

Wow I have been blown away with the amount of crafty people wanting to join this fun yearlong project. Thanks for that! (and thank god I am not the only crafty hoarder out there ;)) We officially start on January 1st. But before we can start using our (S)Crap supplies...

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Project Use Your (S)crap! 2017

Hello! Today I want to share with you a special project I am starting in 2017. It is called Project Use Your (S)crap! It is a project that will focus on using all those craft supplies we already have in our stash. Little story about why I am starting this project: I...

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Doodlebug Birthday Countdown Calendar

It is that time of year again! Our little girl her Birthday is coming up. And she is so excited that I wanted to make her a Countdown calendar again. Last year I made this calendar using the Mambi Weekly Calendar pad. This year I wanted to make it a bit more fun and...

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Make your own stickerbooks

Today I wanted to show you how I have organized my large collection of stickers by using sticker books I made myself using Discs, a discs punch, white 120grams paper, a sheet of pattern paper, repositionable glue dots and a paper trimmer. Oh and not to forget a lot of...

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Getting Real

I need to take a step back and look at my life and where I am at now and what I like about it and what I would like to change. For me I am realizing I am following dreams that are not really mine. I felt stuck for a long time and I know something’s needed to change....

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Freebie: Fitbit tracker printable

  It is Freebie Time! As I have started to use my Fitness planner from the brand Me and My big Ideas, I also started to design some stickers. One of them is the Fitbit tracker as that is the only exercise tracker I will be using. I am not a GYM person so all my...

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Plansterdam 2016 Event

On May 28th 2016, 60 ‪‎planner addicts came to Amsterdam for "Plansterdam 2016", the first European planner meet. There were people from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany , the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and the United States. I went there with my...

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Pre-challenge 2 CZC2016 Kids fun

The Craftorij Summer Challenge 2 is here! As I am the host this week I got the time to make the challenge before hand and off course Lizzy also wanted to make a cards as well. So it was another fun and crafty afternoon. Pre-challnge two: Make a card using wrapping or...

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Pre-challenge 1 CZC2016 Kids fun

Ok so Lizzy also wanted to make the cards for the Craftorij Summer Pre-challenges. So I decided to make an extra card as well and that way I can show her what I do step by step and she can copy me in her owns way. We had so much fun! Pre-challnge one: Make a card...

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