Okay so lets get real! How did I do last month? Well to be honest, not that good all.

We all reach that moment once in a while, where you have set good goals & plans and then the days fly by and before you know it another month has started and you think to yourself what the heck?!!

Well that moment was now for me. I just looked on the calendar and saw it is already April 11th. OMG! Last few weeks really just flew by. It might be because both me and my husband had our Birthday or because our son had to visit a lot of Colleges to see which ones he wanted to apply for as he is passing his high school this year or it might be because we were busy redecorating our mobile home to get it ready for summer. Whatever the reason was, it resulted in me not spending a lot of time in the craft room.

But the time I did spend was fun! I was chosen to be a guest Designer for the DLS Planner Kit from Scrapdelight this month. So I received this fun box filled with goodies (to see what is in it see this video). I made a memory planner page in my BIG happy planner with it:

And I also made a monthly divider in my functional hourly planner:

And the most fun project for me I made this mini Travelers Notebook Garden planner with inserts in it (more on this project later in another post).

So I did got to do some fun crafting this month.

Organizing Photos:
I did not however reached my goal to sort out all the digital photos form 2011 & 2012. So I will just keep sorting them this month.

So this is the new plan for the upcoming months:

In April I will sort out 2011 & 2012 (=(total of 16.457 photos)
In May I will sort out 2013 & 2014 ()(=(total of 18.655 photos)
In June I will sort out 2015 & 2016(= (total of 24.575 photos)

Also on the organizing part of the challenge we focused on getting our pens & pencil organized.
In this video I share how I have them organized and stored.

Monthly kit:
This month my monthly kit was all about making a kit for documenting my sons first 18 years of life. I manage to make the kit but have not done anything with it yet. Still it is nice to have that kit ready to pick up and use right away. You can see what is in this kit in this video.

Documenting life:
I am behind on my PL album and that is HIGH on my list for this month to catch up again. I do not want to fall behind to much so I am just packing my kit to take with me on our Easter trip to the campsite so I can work on it there. That is the great thing about having a kit ready to go.

So that is how my month went by. How did your month go?

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