So a second month has gone by and I wanted to share with you how I did on the crafty side of life this month. And of course I love to hear how you all have been doing this month.

Here is what I have gotten done this month:


In January I told you about how I sort my already printed out photos and my current digital photos. So what was missing in this story? Right the older digital photos!
I have only started the new weekly method for a few months so all my other older photo I have stored on my hard drive still needed to be sorted out and then printed out. So I set myself this goal to sort out all of those in the next few months.

For February I wanted to sort out photos from 2000-2010, which contained 8.013 Photos. And I did! At the end I was left with only 1.692 photos so that was great!

And this is the plan for the upcoming months:

In March I will sort out 2011 & 2012 (=(total of 16.457 photos)
In April I will sort out 2013 & 2014 ()(=(total of 18.655 photos)
In May I will sort out 2015 & 2016(= (total of 24.575 photos)

I hope I will be able to sort out and pair down A lot on these photos. Because can you imagine me scrapping THAT many photos. I think not! But I know I am someone who takes like 5 photos (at least) of almost the same shot so I can just pick out the one I really want to keep and delete the others. It is a BIG task but I can do it step by step each day whenever I have a free moment. I am not going to sit down and try to do it all at once.

This process has also made me realize that I do not need to make that many photos of everything. Sure it is nice to make photos and share them with our loved ones by sending a quick message. But do we really need to save ALL of those photos? It really gets me thinking about what I want to document and keep. And also what stories I want to tell. So I think my way of making photos and how I will document certain things in life will change over the next few years. And that is great!

Also on the organizing part of the challenge we focused on getting our stickers organized. I bought these handy 12×13 storage boxes and got it all sorted out. You can read more about it in this blog post:

Monthly kit:
This month my monthly kit was all about sorting out older scrapbook pages and redo and or repair them and get them into the albums they needed to be in. And I can tell you I got a lot done. Most of them are in the right album now. There are a few I want to change because I am going to switch size album but they are in the albums right now so when I am going to work on the album switch I can just take them out and do that.

Documenting life:
I have been documenting my 2017 life and keeping current with the weeks. I really like how easy and fast it is going because I am using the kit I made for it beginning of this year. In April I will share a flip thru video with the first three months so you all can see my pages.

And that was it for this month. I wanted to also make a birthday calendar and use some of the sketches I shared for this month but I have been sick for a few days and was busy with the family and my household. But that is all ok. I am very proud of what I did accomplished this month and looking forward to see what I will be getting done in this new Month. I feel like I am getting way more done then last year al ready so that is great. I really like seeing in the Facebook group how everybody is participating in its own way and using this challenges to get our scrap stash used. Keep it going!

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