I cannot believe how fast January has gone by. It is always a busy month here because of getting ready for a fresh start into a New Year. I take this month to get my administration binders sorted out (which always takes me a whole day to sort out what papers needed to be archived and such) and I have also been busy setting up our year budget and then divided into months.

Next to that, Project Use Your (S)crap has started, so I was busy making those blog posts and videos so everybody could go on there way. It was a lot of work, but so worth it! I cannot express enough how thankful I am for all the people that are joining in and really diving into their craft room to get it organized and use the craft materials they already have. Thank You All!

I see so many beautiful project coming by and sweet post on the Facebook group. It really keeps me motivated with my crafting goals for this year. I am very excited to start a new month with great sketch challenges, kit makings and other fun projects I will share with you during this month.

If you are new to this project make sure to come join us on facebook

But before we dive into the new month lets recap the last month. How did everybody do? What did you like? Are there things you missed or would like to see being added in the future? Feel free to let me know so I can see what I can do.

I might not be able to get on it right away as next to hosting this project, I am also a wife and mother so I am doing this in the spare moments I have, but I really want this project to be about all of us and getting our (s)crap stash used up as much as we can.

I think we all made a great first start! I have seen many kits coming together, craftrooms getting organized and layouts being made by using the sketches. And that is great! But if you are one of the people that did not get around to all of that do not feel guilty or sad about it. I myself did not get around to using my monthly kit or any of the sketches and project and that is ok. I focus on what I did accomplish and that is a lot.

Here is what I did get done this month:

  • I used my yearly PL album kit every week and I am up to date in my 2017 album
  • I started my daily sketch diary (hobonichi) and I am up to date
  • I made a backup off all my digital photos (they do need to be sorted out but at least they are save)
  • I started the PL school album for my Daughter
  • I printed out all the photos from January 2017 that I want to add into the different PL albums
  • Made a reference roller stamp booklet using PL cards

So for me it was a great month. And that unused monthly kit I will keep and also the sketches. I printed them out and added them to the January kit I made. This way whenever I do have time I can take it out and start using it. So see it is all ok. This project is here to help you and inspire you but there are no must be done tasks. It is all about relaxing and having crafting fun and do what you can.

Happy crafting!


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