March make your own kit: Kids life Album

This month kit-making project for me is all about putting together a kit for my son’s life album. I have never been able to make him a finished memory album and he is turning 18 this year. I have been scrapping since 1998 but if you look at the little amount of pages/project I made you could not tell it has been almost 20 years since I started this creative journey.

But I know I am not the only one. Sure I have been scrapping for a long time but in those years I also worked, got married, raised a son who needed extra care, got divorced, build up a household, dated, got married again, miscarried, started my own business, gave birth to a daughter, started my own blog and now we are here. So looking back on a this short and quick recap of my life I am amazed I got anything creative done at all 😉

And that is all ok but now I am at a point I really want to make that album for my son. But before I got started I asked him what he wanted because in the end it is going to be his album. We talked about how many albums he wanted and what he wanted to be included in them. For him it was really clear. He only wants one album that represents his life from birth till now. So that is going to be my challenge, to fit his first 18 years of life into one album (He did say if it would end up being two that is ok to but no more).

So I have put together a kit and you can see it in this video:

English video:

Dutch video:

I hope you liked seeing my process and be sure to share your kits made from your stash for this challenge in the Facebook group.

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