Hello all!

This month’s organizing focus topic is all about Photos, how I organize them and what my process is for this year. I would also love to hear and see your photo organization.

I have two organizing systems. One for my already printed out photos, and one for my digital photos.

My already printed photos I have organized in separate bins, sorted by years or theme. There is a special photo bin that is very handy for this kind of use. My goal is to have all those photos, that I now have in boxes, to all be documented and into an album by the end of the year.

You can dins this boxes at Michaels and here

For my digital photos, I keep them organized in separate folders on my computer by year, and those are subdivided by month and/or event. I have to admit, I have some folders to clean up and sort out.

I have a weekly process to keep me on track with my photos during the year:

Every Sunday I go through the photos from that week on my phone. I sort out those I want to keep and eliminate the ones I can throw away. I take a lot of photos and often I take more than one shot from a certain moment. So then I pick the best one(s) and the others go in the trash bin.

If there are photos that need resizing or a little touch up I will do that also.

Then, once all the photos are sorted out I will start printing them, keeping in mind which photos I want for each project. That will determine the size I am going to print out. I print out all my photos at home. I put them in little envelopes so when I go and work on a certain project, I have the photos ready to go.

In addition to all this sorting out I also make sure to backup all my photos every month.

I once lost many photos because I did not keep multiple current backups and I am still sad about that. So to prevent that, I now make sure to have a backup in two places.

Now tell me how do you organize your photos?







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