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Mar 30, 2015 | Project Life | 0 comments

At the beginning of this year I made myself a PL goal list. Here it is:

– Make both baby albums
– Make my wedding album
– Start and finish PL album 2015
– Make Sinterklaas album 2014 (this is a Dutch holiday)

We are now in April 2015 so I thought it would be nice to give you an update on what I have done so far. So here it is.

Baby albums:

  1. Collected all the materials I wanted to use per album.
  2. Decided the size for the albums (12x12) and bought the leather simple stories albums.
  3. Made the choice of first working on the boy baby album (as he is almost 16 so it will be nice to have his baby album finally done ;)).
  4. Sorted out all the photos. As he was born 15 years ago and I did not do digital photos then, all his photos are all ready printed. I sorted them out per month. It is a bit challenging because it is so long ago to exactly remember in which month each picture was taken. A lot of them have dates on the back, but not all and some have the printed dated on them and not the actual date taken. I decided not to get caught up in those facts too much. I just sorted as I thought was right and in the end it is all about getting those pictures in an album so we can look at them a lot more and get the memories documented.
  5. Set up my raskog cart with all the baby boy album stuff in it. Now I can just grab the cart and work on the album whenever I have a spare moment.

Wedding album:

  1. Collected all the materials I wanted to use for this album.
  2. Decided the size for the album (6x8) and bought the leather simple stories albums. (Still not sure about this size. I might change it later while I am working on this album.)
  3. Started sorting out all the photos. They are all digital so I am just going thru them and will first decide which ones of the many, many, many photos I really want to use and then decide on what sizes to print them.

PL 2015 album:

  1. Collected all the materials on a raskog cart. I am using the monthly kits I get for this album.
  2. Decided the size for the albums (8,5x11) and bought the We Are Memory Keepers Teresa Collins teal with gold dots album
  3. Made the title page, the intro page and started on January. Yes I am way behind already with this album. But, I am planning on doing a catch up this month. I have set myself a goal to be all caught up by the end of April.

Sinterklaas 2014 album:

  1. Collected all the materials I wanted to use.
  2. Decided the size for the albums (6x8) and bought the simple stories album.
  3. Sorted out all the pictures.
  4. Worked a bit on this album in 2014 and have not done much to it this year

So that is a quick update about my PL goals list.

The biggest thing I need to figure out is what will work for me. I find that I sometimes want too much. I want to make all these albums, but also like to make some process videos about them and share with you. But, that takes up a lot of time. So, I decided to not do that with every page I make. I will now first catch up and only share some process videos when I have some extra time or when I make something really different.

Also with my PL 2015 album I have to find my scrapping way. It is the first yearly album that I am going to make so I am just trying to find the way that works for me. I really needed to have all my scrapbook supplies sorted, so I focused on that at the start of this year and just finished that last month. I have a lot of stuff and not much free time, so I just went into my craft room when I had a spare moment and did a little sorting at a time. I am very happy about how it all turned out and I know am very happy and relaxed when entering my room, which helps me a lot.

I have to keep reminding myself to stay focused on how I want to document my life. There are so many ways to do this and really there are no rules. Many new scrappers often ask how they have to do project life, where to write the journaling and what to journal about, how many pictures to use, to do a weekly spread or a monthly, how many pages, and so on and so on. But really all that you (and I) have to do is find the way that works for you and makes you happy.

I have the tendency to really get out of focus and to be insecure about if people will like what I make, if it is embellished too much or to little, and if it is on trend and such. But in reality all of that does not matter. I am making these albums for my family and myself. And honestly, they do not care about all that stuff. They care about the moments that are captured, about looking at the pictures, and talking about all the memories they bring up. That is really what it’s all about.

So again I just need to keep my Focus on that and then it will all be good.

I will give an update again in a month or so. Just depends on when I think I have enough to share with you again.

Happy crafting!

Linda Derlagen

Linda Derlagen

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