Spring Shawl

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Spring Shawl Crochet

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Special Designed by Trudy Harthoorn for Miss Lizzy.

Material list:
Catania coton 6 colors (2 skeins each color)
Crochet hook no 3,5 and 4,5


Step 1:
Crochet the shawl using chart no1. using hook no. 4,5. The start of the shawl is based on the southbay pattern with some added changes at the end.

Just repeat row 5 and 6 to the desire height of the shawl, then add row 7 and 8.

telpatron sjaal

The arrows indicate where the flowers will be attached.

Step 2:
With hook no. 3,5 follow chart 2 to make the flower and add to the shawl.

CH 3, 10 DC into first CH, close with a SC into last CH
**CH 3, 3 TRC into first DC, CH 3, SL ST into first DC, SL ST into second DC, SL ST into third DC**
Repeat pattern between ** 4 times = 5 petals
SL ST into the last CH from row 1
CH 10
SC following chart to attach to the shawl
CH 7
DC 10 into fifth CH
Close with a SL ST

Weave in ends and repeat to add as many flowers as you like.

telpatroon bloem


For instructions in Dutch download the pdf file here

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