Introduction & preparation

Wow I have been blown away with the amount of crafty people wanting to join this fun yearlong project. Thanks for that! (and thank god I am not the only crafty hoarder out there ;)) We officially start on January 1st. But before we can start using our (S)Crap supplies...

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Intro to my craftroom 2015

Here is a video to gove a look into my craftroom. (the video is in Dutch) I have just re done my room to get more storage. The main change is the Ikea Alex drawers I added to my room. These give so much...

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Organizing inks

I have made a start by organizing my inks by first making an inventory of what inks I have. I am using charts printed on a4 size paper and keep them in a binder.If I buy a new ink I can add the ink on this chart. When I go craft shopping I take pictures on my phone...

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