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Jun 5, 2016 | Happy Planning | 0 comments

It is Freebie Time!

As I have started to use my Fitness planner from the brand Me and My big Ideas, I also started to design some stickers. One of them is the Fitbit tracker as that is the only exercise tracker I will be using. I am not a GYM person so all my fitness activities will be doing household stuff, taking a walks to do groceries and such. I got a Fitbit last christmas from my husband so this is an easy way to keep track of it all and try to improve my activities stats where I feel needed.

I have a Fitbit Charge so it also keeps track of my hour sleep. Which is good because for a good health, having a good 8 hours sleep would be best. I have not gotten that much but tracking this makes me more aware that sometimes I need to go to bed a bit early instead of playing with arts and craft until the middle of the night *smile*

IMG_3870  IMG_3867

If you would like to use this Fitbit Tracker Freebie you can download it here.

Freebie Fitbit Tracker MissLizzy

For personal use only!
Please feel free to share this file with others by giving them the link to this website.

Thank you!

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