Christmas chrochet blanket block #2 reindeer

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And we are back for another post about the christmas blanket. My goal is to have the whole blanket finished before christmas. Lets see If we can make it 🙂

For block #2 I wanted to make another cute christmas design. So here it is:


Get the printable pdf file here: reindeer35x35

This block has a few more colorchanges so I worked with some yarn bobbins for the colors black, red, yellow and pink. I got this fish looking yarn bobbins from my mom.


I worked on this block whenever I have a spare moment. This is mostly in the evening while watching some series online. Everytime I had finished a row I marked it off so I knew exactly where in the pattern I was and could easily set it apart till the next day.


This block took me a bit longer than block #1 pinguin due to the colorchanges. But here it is finished:

reindeer block 

Now all left is to ty in all those loose ends….


Once done the back will look just like the front. But it is a task I just do while watching the morning news.

Here are the two blocks together. You can find all the information about block #1 pinguin here


For this blanket I am using Stylecraft Special DK yarn. 

For the reindeer block I used:

white (1001)
black (1002)
green (1116)
lipstick (1246)
soft peach (1240)
walnut (1054)
camel (1420)

I use the C2C (corner to corner) method. But you can also make it with the bobble stitch or the hdc technique.

I hope you like it and feel free to crochet along with me. If you want to share this project with others feel free to do so. I only ask for you to give a link to this blog post and do not ask money for the patterns.

The next block I will be working on is the snowman. When It is done I will share it here and on my Facebook so make sure you sign up (thru Bloglovin or Facebook) to get a message when it is up.

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